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Moscow tradition, fallen allies, and Benjy the bull goes bisexual

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Authorities shut down Moscow gay pride

In a depressingly familiar yearly ritual, Moscow’s gay pride parade was attacked by both police and anti-gay protesters before being shut down. Authorities have refused to sanction the parade for 10 years in a row, and sent riot police to shut down the event before it could begin. 

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Mozambique to legalize homosexuality

Starting at the end of June, homosexuality will no longer be a crime in Mozambique. The old law, which punished gay sex with up to three years hard labour, was a legacy of Portuguese colonial rule. Mozambique will join 20 other African nations in which being gay is legal. 

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Benjy the gay bull turns out to be bicurious

In the seemingly neverending saga of Benjy the gay bull, our hero turns out to have a fluid sexual identity. Benjy, an Irish bull, was first destined for the slaughterhouse after he refused to inseminate cows and chased after bulls instead. He was rescued, however, by a campaign supported by Simpons co-creator Sam Simon, and sent to an animal sanctuary. Now, however, he seems to be taking a lusty interest in heterosexuality, courtesy of some nearby cows. 

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Gay ally Beau Biden dies of brain cancer

Beau Biden, former Delaware attorney general and son of Vice President Joe Biden, has died of brain cancer at age 46. Biden was an active supporter of the US gay rights movement, attending one of his state’s first gay marriages, and filing amicus briefs against the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8. 

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Three-thousand show up for first Taipei Pink Dot

Pink Dot, a uniquely Asian gay pride event, touched down in Taipei May 30, attracting 3,000 attendees. The event, first held in Singapore, focuses around a flashmob in which participants gather together wearing pink to create the eponymous dot. Taiwan also holds Asia’s largest gay pride parade yearly. 

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