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Mother Mother swings through southern Ontario

Indie band talks about gay following

Mother Mother's Ryan Guldemond.
Mother Mother, a favourite with the queer indie crowd, is doing a swing through southern Ontario to promote their new album, The Sticks. The band then heads west to Manitoba and Alberta before returning home to BC.
And while Perez Hilton might not have a lot of indie street-cred, he gave them a big shout-out a while back.
“MySpace was the big thing back then,” Ryan Guldemond says. ”We spiked from 300 hits to 40,000 hits in one day.”
The band has noticed a big increase in its gay and lesbian fan base. “I don’t know why that is,” Jasmin Parkin says. “I always thought that it was because of Ryan [Guldemond].”
Below is an interview with some of the band members and clips from their new video. Mother Mother plays London on Nov 29, Hamilton on Nov 30 and Toronto on Dec 1.