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Mount Moriah: Music from a changing US South

Lesbian lead singer's parents work for Billy Graham

Heather McEntire, of Mount Moriah.
Mount Moriah, a location rich in biblical history, seems an odd name for a band headed by a lesbian singer. But times are changing.
Heather McEntire, whose parents work for evangelist Billy Graham, seems unfazed by apparent oxymorons. She even sees the possibility of gay Baptists.
“I do,” says McEntire, who is based in North Carolina. “Now, I wouldn’t say it’s more acceptable, but it’s becoming an option — a reality — in certain parts of the country.
“I think it really depends on a lot of people opening their heart to it.”
Mount Moriah’s music might help lead the way. The band’s sound has been called everything from country, to Southern rock. But McEntire is hesitant to categorize it. 
“It comes from the heart,” she says. “It’s genuine music.”
In the video interview below, McEntire talks with Lucas Silveira of The Cliks.
Mount Moriah is currently touring the US. The band’s most recent CD, Miracle Temple, is available online.