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Mouthwash, adoption and Wham!

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George Michael dies

Pop superstar and gay icon George Michael, half of the group Wham!, has died at age 53. Owen Jones at the Guardian remembers Michael as a defiant face of gay sexual subculture, who refused to tame his sexuality to please the public.

Taiwan takes first step towards same-sex marriage

Taiwanese lawmakers have approved a first draft of legislation that would legalize same-sex marriage, potentially making Taiwan the first equal marriage state in Asia. The bill must still go through committee and pass two more readings before becoming law.

Read more at Taiwan News.

Study: Mouthwash could slow gonorrhea

A preliminary study in Australia suggests that gargling with mouthwash could reduce the chances of spreading gonorrhea. It’s unclear how long the effect lasts, or whether mouthwash has any long term effect on gonorrhea infection.

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Men who were adoptive father and son allowed to marry

A gay couple in Pennsylvania who became adoptive father and son in order to ensure inheritance have been allowed to annul their adoption and get married. Many gay couples used adoption to secure family rights before marriage in the US was legal.

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UK man arrested for spreading HIV

A man in Scotland has been arrested for allegedly intentionally spreading HIV. He was charged earlier this year, but skipped a bail hearing and spent five weeks on the run before being found by police.

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