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Moving*Pictures is a welcome getaway

Shannon Webb-Campbell's blog takes you on vacation


Shannon Webb-Campbell is a photographer from Halifax, and Moving*Pictures is her photo blog. From the small hints and clues I have been able to dig up, it appears as though she has moved to or is travelling through Europe, including spending quite a bit of time in Spain and France. Her blog is filled with the rich yellow glow of Parisian cafés and the pale blue and white seas of the Mediterranean. One of the things I love about this blog is the silence. There is very little text to get in the way of the stories and dreams the photos convey. Each post is titled with a poetic one-line quotation — sometimes they are from recognizable poems or songs, other times we can imagine they come from a passing conversation or a scribbled love note. Shannon is able to capture the simple, rich beauty in everyday life. Well, at least the simple, rich beauty of everyday European life. For those of us sitting indoors looking out from our monitors at a grey Canadian winter, this distinction is essential. Scrolling through this blog is like taking a mini-vacation to places and beautiful moments that all of us could use once in a while. Shannon’s blog is a welcome getaway.

[Web editor’s note: Shannon Webb-Campbell is a regular contributor — read her work here]