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Mr and no Ms Gay Vancouver

Mr Gay Vancouver #33 Gio Giovanni 

When Foxy De-Rossi was crowned the 33rd Ms Gay Vancouver with Mr Gay Vancouver Gio Giovanni, they pledged their allegiance to the Rhinestone Phoenix Foundation. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, Foxy resigned from her position as Ms Gay Vancouver and moved back to her hometown of Prince George. 

After days of speculation of who would take her place, it has been decided by the the Rhinestone Phoenix Foundation that Gio will reign alone this year, and for the first time in the history of the pageant, there will be no Ms Gay Vancouver. 

In a Facebook post on the charities blog, Gio wrote:

Hello everyone. I was sad to learn of Foxy DeRossi resigning and returning home. I was looking forward to working with her over the next year. I wish her the best of luck with her future endeavors. 

Upon learning the news, the foundation and I have been working to determine the best solution. I have been putting a lot thought and effort into the best course of action. I have also been following everything posted on foundations page and reviewing the bylaws.

I feel the decision made is in the best interest of the foundation. I’m honored to hold the title of Mr. Gay Vancouver. It was you who chose to elect me into that position. I will represent Vancouver alone this year. I understand the amount of work required of my position. I made a commitment to you, and the city of Vancouver. I have no intention of going back on that. I’m committed to working hard to fulfill, and go beyond what is required of me.

I would be honored if the Mr. Ms. and Miss. members of the Senate would come out and support me. Though no official Ms. Gay Vancouver, having a wide range of previous Mr. Ms. and Miss. to attend different venues and events would make a big impact and help lead to a successful year. Together we will make this year memorable.

I hope you are all as confident in the decision as I. 

Thank you.
Mr. Gay Vancouver #33 – Giovanni