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Ms Cobalt 2014 is . . .

Congratulations to Valynne Vile, who took home the title of Ms Cobalt 2014!

Anna Propriette and Shanda Leer rounded out the top three, and it was a tough choice because each girl embodies the unapologetic and creative spirit of queer East Van.

I judged the second round of the contest, and Valynne was an obvious star. She got her start in drag just last year at the Mr/Ms Cobalt 2013 competition and has since been in high demand, calling The Cobalt home and the people who frequent it family.

I once did a write-up on Valynne for my column Blitz & Shitz and billed her as being “like Sharon Needles, without the ego.”

Known for her spooky glamour, Valynne has a defined character but isn’t afraid of stepping out of her comfort zone and trying something new. Whether tackling the living dead, a trashy diva or Sailor Jupiter, her versatility and dedication — along with her drinking problem — make her the perfect ambassador for The Cobalt.

Note: I’ll be adding a video of Valynne’s winning performance as soon as one is uploaded.