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MTV Casting Call

So pretty much every homosexual on Facebook has been updating like crazy about how they and their gay squad intend to become the next big thing on MTV Canada. And because I'm a bitch, I wanted to post the become-Canada's-next-reality-star link on Up Your Alley in hopes that someone interesting will enter and win–because from what I saw on Facebook, it's not looking good.

That's how much faith I have in you, Xtra.ca readers. Do NOT let me down or the rest of Canada may be stuck watching two assholes trying out jobs to see who's more gay or a group of drag queens competing to see who's the cuntiest hot mess EVER.

Do you remember this stupid sack of hair:

If she can do it, so can you. If I were her friend, I would rip out that stupid nose ring and then push her off a backcountry cliff. Just saying. Which is why I didn't make the final cut for Peak Season. Sluts.

Fuck you…no, I mean: good luck with your dreams!