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Mulcair’s making changes

And that was Mulcair’s first day as leader in the House. One of the changes the NDP will be making under the Mulcair
Era is to immediately start advertising to define Mulcair in the public eye
and to try their hand at defining Harper. Among the changes to the party Mulcair wants to make: removing
“democratic socialism” from the party’s constitution preamble as
part of his “modernization” plan. (I believe he’s in the camp of replacing that
with “social democracy.”) Here are some of the backroom changes that we’re
starting to see and may see more of, including the party’s communications
. What won’t change, of course, is the antipathy that Mulcair shares
with Harper for the Liberals.

Uh oh – Christian Paradis looks like he’s
in some more ethical hot water. I guess this will be another “learning

What’s that? The F-35 fighter jet doesn’t
 some of the most crucial criteria laid out in the statement of operational requirements? And those deficiencies make the design ineligible for use in
Canada? You don’t say!

Harper is currently in South Korea to attend a nuclear summit.

The chief electoral officer will be before
the committee for procedure and house affairs on Thursday to brief MPs on the
Robocon issue.

Here’s a story about MP Steven Fletcher and
the dramatic surgery he recently went through.

The writs have dropped in Alberta, and
it’s the battle royale between the centre-right party and the far-right party.
Can you handle it?

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