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Murder-mystery masters

Celebrating the work of two queer Canadian storytellers

Anthony Bidulka's latest introduces protagonist Adam Saint.

This Tuesday, June 11, Torontonians can experience an evening of thrills and corruption without leaving the pub — so long as the Dora Keogh is your local.

The Danforth pub, along with Insomniac Press, is set to host a launch of new books by murder-mystery masters Lizz Bugg and Anthony Bidulka.
The third installment of Bugg’s Calli Barnow series, Yellow Vengeance, has the queer Toronto private investigator, who narrowly escaped with her life after solving her last case, back on the job. She has settled in with her new wife, but Barnow prefers fighting crime to the thought of impending parenthood. She’s able to escape her family life when she is asked to investigate the death of a friend’s mother; however, Barnow’s own mother reveals a secret that turns the PI’s life upside down. To solve this latest mystery, Barnow will need to call on the help of her friends, loved ones and family.

Anthony Bidulka, author of the Russell Quant series, returns to the genre with brand-new protagonist Adam Saint, an operative from the Canadian Disaster Recovery Agency. In When the Saints Go Marching In, Saint is called on to inspect the crash site of a plane carrying a VIP. As the bloody chaos around him grows, his work and personal life begin to collide, and the hard-boiled hero has to make tough choices.
Glad Day Bookshop will have copies of both new titles for sale at the launch.