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Murray: New sex ed policy coming

Rightwing reactionary homophobes just love these issues: Murray

MPP Glen Murray met with community members in the Church and Wellesley Village on Feb 8 to talk about pressing concerns like healthcare, Ontario’s energy plan, seniors’ issues and the economy.

But Murray also answered questions from Xtra on education issues, including the Liberals’ abandonment of a progressive sex ed curriculum a year ago.

Murray says the public can expect a revised curriculum soon. “I think the new curriculum is pretty good,” he said. “I have to tell you, many of the things that offended people are already in the curriculum. We talk about all kinds of families and human sexuality in our elementary schools.”

Last year the province released an updated sexual education and health curriculum, the first in 12 years. But after Christian groups complained, McGuinty pulled it, pending a “rethink” and further consultations with parents. The curriculum was shelved.

Murray lamented that some rural MPPs from less progressive ridings had difficulty selling the original curriculum to their conservative constituents.

“The rightwing reactionary homophobes just love these issues,” he said.

About 40 people attended the Church and Wellesley Town Hall, one of 10 meetings targeting different areas of the city throughout February and March. The final meeting is in Corktown on March 29.

The first half of the meeting was devoted to questions on healthcare, hospitals, home care, transit, affordable housing and speculation about an upcoming provincial election.