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Music to my ears

Still smiling over "Boy Culture" author Matthew Rettenmund laying the smackdown on rapper Fabolous for starting last week's asinine Twitter trend, #uknowhowiknowuregay.  Knock that crap off, my misspelled friend, or we'll start #uknowhowiknowurahasbeen:

Mind you, if we were to play that stupid game, one way to tell would be to see if you're watching 'Glee.'  I tried to avoid the new high-school-musical show but its sly and snarky tone from 'Nip/Tuck' creator Ryan Murphy is completely irresistible:

And let's face it, we love a good musical number.  After the weird popularity of that Miley Cyrus song, another delightful pack of summer sissies has given Whitney Houston the spectacle she deserves:

But not everyone's a fan:  one British farmer has become so fed up with gay men using his private property as a cruising ground, he's unleashed his hogs to roam the grounds, making the phrase "sex pig" disturbingly literal.  Quick as I am to defend the joys of sex outdoors, I can't argue with the farmer when he says, "I’m not homophobic, I just don’t like trespassers."

If there's one tune I'm really sick of though, it's the endless and insane health care "debate" from the US — fortunately, this quick video makes short work of it (nicely done!) and, if Michael Stipe decides to stick his nose in, I'm always happy to hear R.E.M.:

And finally, a little something that surprised me — I generally avoid modern country music like the plague (usually because of crap like this) but along comes Brad Paisley with a big heaping slab of American liberalism set to a guitar strum and the delight of having just discovered the synthesizer:

Aww, warm fuzzies all around.  Cheers, Brad, I want that little girl to be president too…