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My head is spinning

Here at the Roundup, we enjoy feeding the world a steady diet of "gays-good-homophobes-bad" along with the occasional nudity and some general silliness.  Simple, no?  But some days are weirder than others:

Today's weirdest story is the ballad of Dwan Prince, who was gaybashed in Brooklyn in 2005 but is now thanking his attacker for literally beating him straight.  "Steve you changed me!" Prince writes in his letter to prison, "So hopefully when you get out we can hang out…you can find me a female I can love and can love me."  Gang, I think we've just found Liza Minnelli's next husband.

But if our "team" loses Prince, maybe we can gain the "bicurious at best" director Kevin Smith, who has insured that I'll never look at the Stanley Cup in quite the same way again:

I love Smith's vision of the 'Twilight' generation but perhaps the Dutch are way ahead of him — this clip of kindergartners is surprising and adorable: 

I'm amazed by these kids because I'm so used to hearing the opposite from their so-called defenders — the kind of people former fundamentalist Frank Schaeffer discusses with the ever-awesome Rachel Maddow:

Me, I like my southern-fried terrors more fictional, like the vamps on Alan Ball's sexy soap opera 'True Blood.'  Here's a look at the making of the show's trippy opening sequence:
Could Canada ever achieve such a level of gothic camp craziness?  Macleans columnist Mitchel Raphael and DJ/promoter Daniel Paquette are going for it in Toronto this weekend with their new club night called Sodom:
It could happen — look at the effect Montreal had on tennis player Novak Djokovic last week, as he stripped down on a fashion show runway:

Didn't see that coming.  What will the Dutch children think!