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My kind of ally: Olympian Nick Symmonds bares his hot ass

As if Olympic runner Nick Symmonds hadn’t already won over the gays by being one of the most vocal allies in sports about LGBT issues.

Symmonds is an advocate for marriage equality, adamantly opposes Russia’s gay-propaganda law and, as an Eagle Scout, has spoken against the Boy Scouts of America’s gay discrimination, saying he will not support the institution until they “come into the 21st century.”

On top of all that, upon winning silver at the World Athletics Championships in Moscow, he dedicated the medal to his gay fans. Check out an interview he gave to Outsports to read more about his activism.

Despite his achievements, there’s one thing Symmonds hasn’t given the gay community: his ass. 

Until now that is:

And check out a Nike video of a nude Symmonds to see those cheeks in motion: