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My own Olympic tribute

Something changed in the city this weekend. You feeling the Olympic energy? Can't walk down a street right now without hearing people talking in a ton of different languages. There are hot (HOT) male and female athletes everywhere. Something very special is taking place in Vancouver and I'm glad that I'm going to be hear for the beginning and end of it.

Now it only seemed right that to kick off the second season of Don't Quit Your Gay Job, that we make a nod to what's going to be taking place in Vancouver over the next few weeks:

I love Canada and I love being a Canadian, which is why my co-host Rob Easton and I spent the last few weeks learning how to curl and how to play hockey. Doesn't get anymore Canadian than that right?

Our winter sport-themed episodes will air Feb 15 and Feb 22 on OUTtv at 7:30pm ET/PT. I'd like to thank the Vancouver-based The Pacific Rim Curling League and The Cutting Edges for helping us make these shows. The LGBT community in Vancouver is amazing. If you are interested in either sport, visit their websites.

Here's another fun clip from our first season:

If you like what you see, our entire first season is now available on iTunes.



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