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My Provincetown: David Tobin

A foodie’s guide to great places to eat and drink

Ten Tables serves delicious farm-to-table meals. Credit:

A longtime Provincetown resident, David Tobin is the general manager of Ten Tables restaurant, tucked away on Bradford Street. Ten Tables serves delicious farm-to-table meals. When you visit Ten Table, he recommends the “yummy” grilled lobster with chive butter.

Here are other favourite places of Tobin’s that he recommends on a P’town visit:

Fun and casual, especially at happy hour

The Red Inn
Also a happy hour favourite

Ross' Grill
Great spot for fresh-grilled fish and has one of the best bartenders in town

For Sushi

Pepe’s Wharf
For sunset cocktails

Front Street
For the best pasta carbonara

The Mews
For margaritas

The Red Shack
For lobster rolls and stuffed clams

The Canteen
For chic, casual dining

BBQ Boys
On Race Point Road, for sandwiches for the beach

Aqua Bar
At the Aquarium Mall, for a drink and a quick bite; choose from five takeout places, then enjoy with wonderful water views

For its $70 seven-course tasting menu

Mac’s Seafood
In Wellfleet, for traditional Cape fare on picnic tables in the sand and wonderful views

For menu details and a tantillizing photo gallery of  the delicious farm-to-table meals at Tobin's restaurant, visit Ten Tables.

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