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My Provincetown: Zöe Lewis

Performer Zöe Lewis offers her picks for entertainment

The P-town Women Innkeepers named musician and performer Zoe Lewis, a long-time Provincetown resident born in Brighton, England, the 2013 Provincetown Woman of the Year.

Lewis performs every Wednesday on the Viking Princess's sunset cruise and is the host of The Speakeasy, a 1920s-style cabaret complete with cigarette girls, held at the Velvet Lounge.

Some have described the show as "old-time Provincetown." Each edition sees 20 townies do their thing; there are two in August and a goodbye-summer edition on Sept 3.

Lewis recommends you check out her favorite P’town entertainment:

Ryan Landry’s Showgirls
Tuesdays at the Provincetown Theater
Showgirls is a kind of X-rated American Idol — that predates the TV show by years — hosted by a Provincetown legend

Fag Bash
Wednesdays at the Governor Bradford
Fun club night

Scream Along with Billy
Tuesdays and Fridays at Enzo's
Every week this piano entertainer covers an entire album from start to finish and invites you to sing along

Chandler Travis
At Bubala's By The Bay (better known as Boobs)
Lewis calls Travis, a performer who opened for George Carlin for years, “a genius.”

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