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:::Mylène St-Pierre:::

Who are you?
Mylene St-Pierre


Mad Libs:
I HAVE NEVER gotten a brazilian wax BUT WANT TO VERY BADLY.



Don't you work in social justice?
I worked in Social Justice for a long time in Montreal. I was on Project 10's board for quite a few years, I worked at 2110. I was also on a National Board called Rainbow Health Coalition whose mandate was to enable queers to access equal healthcare across Canada. I also did a lot of work in the HIV community in Montreal. I currently work in Boston at an agency called Cambridge Cares About Aids. Its a very progressive agency where 95% of our clients not only deal with their HIV status but also addiction (currently addicts or in recovery). I manage the Case Management Program. It's one of a few agencies that works with the harm reduction approach (abstinence based models in the US are very popular).


Why did you leave Montreal?
I came to Boston for LOVE. I met my partner—Mandy—while doing some promo work for Big Moves, as size diversity dance troupe that was playing at the fringe in 2006. They invited me to perform with them, reading my smut. Her and I had a torrid love affair and never have looked back since.
Originally, I wanted to come to Boston for a year but over the course of that year, Mandy and I got engaged. In fact, I proposed to her during curtain call, in New York, at a Big Moves show where we we both performing. Leaving Boston without her would be devastating… so were staying here till she's done with her studies.
In Boston, I performed recently in the Femme show ( and did a piece called "How this Fat Femme Fucks". It was very well received; dirty, raw, funny, smart. Loved it. We'll be touring in the winter and I cannot wait. In fact, I would love to bring the number to a Meow Mix in Montreal. I think the dykes and genderqueers of MTL would enjoy it.


Performance and art
In my spare time, I write smut, perform in Boston (burlesque, spoken word, very soon back to dance) and spend weekends cooking really yummy food. I know, so domestic.


A little bird told me (facebook) that you do performance art/modelling. Tell us how that came about and what it is exactly.
I have done a lot of social justice work so its difficult for me to just pick one. I would have to say that my work at the 2110 was really fun. I had a nice budget to put on a 45 hour training for peer counselors and through that was priviledged to many beautiful learning/teaching moments. I also gave massages at Maison Plein Coeur for HIV positive people. That was a pretty amazing and rich experience.
The job I have currently is pretty great. I get to practice harm reduction in a climate that is hostile to such a framework. Its neat and progressive (where in Montreal it would be typical).
I've done work with XRAy Aims as a pin cushion model. I enjoy it a lot. It's very "tactile" art and working with XRay is very fun. More recently, my partner and I were models for Dr. Sketchys in Boston and that was amazing fun. The artists are not used to drawing fat people and a result, their art took on another dimension, pardon the pun.


On Fat activism
One social justice issue that inspires me very much is fat advocacy. As a fat femme, I have experienced much discrimination due to my size. As a result, I want to inspire folks to feel good in their bodies, after all, FAT is not a four letter word. You've got to love the body you have the day you have it.
I'm also a dancer and performer. My performance usually involves, in some way, me being fat and what that experience is for me. I danced in a number with Big Moves that was a spin off of "All That Jazz" where I was basically wearing lingerie and dancing. IN itself, seeing fat people do burlesque, wearing close to nothing, shaking their fat booty and titties proudly is a statement. In Boston, thankfully, the burlesque scene is very excited about fat bodies and there are a number of fat folks doing stuff here. Same as Big MOves. We were always well received in Montreal.


How do you identify? Does your mum know you're queer?
I identify as a Queer Bi-Dyke. My mum knows i'm queer but she's not exactly excited about it… she's very christian.


What is your favourite video the innernets?

Fav blog or website?
I ADORE Facebook. Addicted to it. I have many websites… but one I really like is, love it!

Montreal spot for to have fun in/at?
One thing that I enjoyed very much when I lived in Montreal was riding my bicycle on canal lachine up to Atwater market, getting some food, riding further on the canal and having a picnic.. really dug that. Also, people watching in the village in one of the cafés was really fun. I love Montreal so much, it's difficult for me to just pinpoint a place.

Skill testing question: 66 + 69 x beaudry metro=
What, i'm dyslexic!

Cat or dog?
Dog, absolutely. [ed's note: but what's his naaaaaaame? and breeeeeeed?]

Leopard, zebra print or pleather?
Leopard print for fun, pleather for pleasure.

Name your number one dating peeve:
My number one dating pet peeve – well, I don't date anymore, but I would have to say dumping me via e-mail. That's one I still am bitter about.

OPTIONAL: Some other inane detail of your choosing:
I have a drawer in my office that is filled with candy, spiced nuts, cereal, dark chocolate covered espresso beans, tampons, rescue remedy, splenda packs, glue, tylenol, gum and dental floss. I'm the chick you want to say if you have a craving, a headache, bad breath, anxiety or need glue urgently. [ed's note: WANT.GUM&CANDY.NOW]

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