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Naked boys not singing!

Adorable Canadian circus duo performs naked on French television

A video of this adorable duo’s “naked towel dance” has been circulating on social media these past couple of days, exemplifying one country that never throws in the towel.

When I looked into the video (for research purposes, of course) it was a pleasant and sexy surprise to learn that Les Beaux Frères are actually from Montreal!

The duo appeared on Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde, a French reality-television series that alternates between different kinds of circus-type acts.

Their Facebook page explains that Yohann and Raphaël teamed up in 2007 and have since appeared in Cirque du Soleil shows, among a dozen other circus credits. They’ve toured with Cirque around the States and attended l’École Nationale de Cirque to develop their talents.

The delightful performance seemed to charm the French audience, especially the woman in the white blazer, who was totally into it.

Like the woman in the white blazer, I think I and many others will be watching the career of Les Beaux Frères very, very closely . . .