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Naked Heart: Best Bets

Our top picks for Glad Day’s first-ever Literary Fest

Alex Sanchez: Identity, Inspiration and Impact
Saturday, Oct 17, 2pm
Buddies in Bad Times, 12 Alexander St

While much of the fest features content for mature audiences, it does include a keynote by American young adult fiction star Alex Sanchez. The author of seminal queer tome Rainbow Boys gabs about his fame, the highs and lows of his career, and what it’s like to have your books banned. Penning queer youth fiction since gay sex was still a crime in most of the US, Sanchez’s appearance is sure to offer aspiring writers some ideas on how to offer a fat middle finger to the mainstream as they fearlessly integrate their identities into their work.

Swell: Queer Erotic Readings
Saturday, Oct 17, 3:30pm
Zipperz/Cellblock, 72 Carlton St

While its latter years have seen it operate mainly as a piano bar and drag emporium, Zipperz/Cellblock is fondly remembered by many of us for once having one of the city’s sleazier darkrooms. As such, the soon-to-be-demolished Carlton Street joint serves as an ideal backdrop for the festival’s steamiest session. Daily Xtra columnist Mike Miksche is joined by “genderqueer femme Jewish Witch” Alex Cafarelli and American gay-lit legend Larry Duplechan for an après-midi of smut. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than listening to some filth while you knock back cheap pitchers and covertly touch yourself under the table.

Grit Lit: Writers Read
Saturday, Oct 17, 7pm
Buddies in Bad Times, 12 Alexander St

It’s been labelled everything from K-Mart Realism to Hick Chic. But whatever you want to call this literary sub-genre dedicated to the seedier side of life, Grit Lit is one event you don’t want to miss. Featuring West Coast bad girl Amber Dawn, pornstar-cum-novelist Daniel Allen Cox, perennial rule-breaker Sky Gilbert and a host of others, this session is gearing up to be rawest and dirtiest of the bunch. No word yet on what performer and SM enthusiast Katie Sly will share. But if we’re lucky, she just might flash her spectacular boobs.

Workshop: Navigating the Publishing Industry
Sunday, Oct 18, 5:15pm
OPSEU Hall, 31 Wellesley St E

You’ve got a great idea, you’ve put in the hours to bring it to fruition, and your finished manuscript is burning a hole in your hard drive. Now how the fuck do you get it published? Fear not. Canadian literary darling Zoe Whittall is here to offer her hard-won wisdom. After more than 15 years on the scene and with six books in print, she steps up to offer some brutal truths about the business along with all-important advice on how to realize the dream of seeing your book in print without getting screwed.

Sunday, Oct 18, 7pm
Buddies in Bad Times, 12 Alexander St

The festival’s final evening will likely be more show than tell. This series of writers won’t simply be reading their words; they’ll be performing them. Burlesque artist Dainty Box will be offering selections from her new one-woman show. Interdisciplinary artist and Glad Day co-owner Gein Wong will be riffing on her regular themes of gender, class and race. NYC/TO-based creative duo Kim Katrin and Tiq Milan will be offering some form of fabulosity. And regular Daily Xtra writer S Bear Bergman is guaranteed to put on a show of some sort. As a bonus, the event provides an ideal springboard to dive into Denouement, the festival’s closing shindig at Buddies.

To read more about the fest, check out our interview with Glad Day Bookshop co-owner Michael Erickson.

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