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Narwhals…drunk texts…long weekends

Every morning around 10:42, I find myself wondering what the fuck a narwhal is.

Holy Christmas! At last, here's my answer:

And so I was saving a little something for today and Homorazzi beat me to it…I don't believe it! I DON'T BELIEVE IT! Wait a minute…I do. They are good at what they do. Still…

You text. I text. Drunks text. Ain't life something?

night I received "ok shes still asleep, should i pee on her and say she
did it herself? and by the time you respond to this ill probably have
already made the decision." MDT

Last night I tweeted… "Imagine two people making love on top of a unicorn . . . my life is the opposite of that." MDT

Last night, "I like you better in my pants." MDTxt.

Check out the site. It's pretty strong.

I'm celebrating Victoria Day Long by helping Priape launch their spring/summer catalogue at Fountainhead on Friday and Saturday and at Celebrities on Sunday. If you see me around…well, let's just say you won't miss me. That's for sure. Will post some photos here next week.

Also worth checking out: DJ Escape at Celebrities on Saturday, Zodiac Party at Odyssey on Saturday…and DF Abel at Gorg-O-Mish on Sunday as per Big Roger Events.

Have a great weekend!