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Nash Grier tells his 8.7 million followers AIDS is a fag thing

Sixteen-year-old Nash Grier is the most popular person on Vine, with 8.7 million followers. To put that into perspective, pop star Ariana Grande has only 2.4 million followers. 

With such a huge following and influence, a 10-second Vine made by Grier promoting a product can earn him up to $10, 000. 

In a New York Magazine profile, Grier is described as “a God-fearing Christian who frequently consults his iPhone’s Bible app while on the road.” 

“I don’t use cuss words,” Grier told the magazine. “I try not to do anything awful. You don’t want to lower your audience.” Apparently, misinforming his millions of followers that HIV/AIDS is a gay disease doesn’t constitute awfulness in his books.

Grier posted a Vine of a public service announcement that says HIV/AIDS “isn’t just a gay thing,” to which Grier is heard replying, “Yes it is! Fag!”

This isn’t Grier’s first homophobic post. In one tweet he wrote, “Gay marriage? Nahhh,” and in another he asked his followers to retweet if they’re against equality.

I don’t know why anyone follows this shit stain in the first place. He’s not even cute or particularly creative. But if you do follow, it might just be time to lower his audience once and for all.