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National Coming Out Day

Crime author Val McDermid's coming-out story

Crime author Val McDermid’s coming-out story.

National Coming Out Day is upon us — and this year been rife with remarkable coming-out stories.

Jason Collins became the first active NBA player to came out as a gay man, WWE wrestler Darren Young came out and so did Prison Break actor Wentworth Miller. Raven-Symoné came out in August, writing on Twitter, “I can finally get married! Yay government! So proud of you!” and Rosario Dawson declared herself a bisexual.

Even though Jodie Foster didn’t officially come out, she all but stated that she is a lesbian during this year’s Golden Globe Awards when she said, “I already did my coming out about 1,000 years ago, back in the Stone Age."

When Scottish crime writer Val McDermid, known for her Dr Tony Hill novels and her sharp prose, came to Toronto, she recounted her own coming-out story.

“It took me a long time to actually put a name to it, because there was no template. There were no lesbian movies; there were no lesbian books that I knew of," McDermid says. 

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