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National Post: Pride Toronto censorship policy was ‘sensible’

Newsflash: rightwing newspaper calls on the City of Toronto to withdraw its support for Pride Toronto. For a paper that isn't sympathetic to either gays or Torontonians, it seems a little strange that they're sticking their noses in here. But I gather its editorial board was briefly excited about Pride Toronto's now-retracted sign-vetting policy. It was "sensible," they write.

Now, the Post worries that, having given up on vetting signage in advance, Pride Toronto will break the city's anti-discrimination policy. Given that “Participants will comply with the City of Toronto's policy on yadda yadda” is right in the Parade registration form, it should be easy to dismiss. We'll see.

In another part of Alberta, sometime Xtra contributor Ted Kerr has said his piece in Edmonton's Vue Magazine. The skirmishes "are important because they provide an
example of the ways in which we, who it can be argued have shared
and/or overlapping identities (LGBT and queer people), can oppose each
other, have conversations with each other and articulate our important

Now that's sensible.


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