Toronto Diary
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NDP pushes for visa ban on anti-gay Russian politicians

It seems the New Democratic Party is looking to come down hard on Russia over its anti-gay policies, with three of the party's members taking to the streets of Toronto to push forward a petition that would see anti-gay Russian politicians banned from Canada.

Foreign affairs critic Paul Dewar, Toronto Centre by-election candidate Linda McQuaig, and provincial politician Peter Tabuns all took to Church Street to get signatures for the petition, which they hope will send a clear message to Russia regarding its gay propaganda law.

According to a statement given to The Globe and Mail, Dewar said, "When it comes to this issue you need to put actions behind your words [. . .] What we’ve seen in Russia is something that’s reprehensible.”

While the petition won't actually see Parliament until October, it is good to know that Canadian politicians are willing to hold Russia's feet to the fire on institutional homophobia. I mean yes, it's just a petition, but at least it's a start, and it is helping to mobilize people on this issue.