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Neil Jordan’s latest vampire flick

The Crying Game director calls cinema 'a very conservative medium'

Director Neil Jordan's latest film, Byzantium, will be released June 28.
Neil Jordan is the director of such hit films as The Crying Game, Interview with the Vampire and Michael Collins.

But he seems uninspired by the current movie industry. “Cinema is a very conservative medium,” he said on the red carpet for his latest vampire film, Byzantium, which is being released in North America on June 28.

Jordan shook up the industry with The Crying Game but says he sees a dearth of films like it.
“I’m sure there will be adventurous cinema again – there was in the past, and there will be in the future,” he says. “But basically, Hollywood wants to tell simple stories that will grab as many people as possible, which doesn’t lead to much adventure, really.”
Below is Xtra‘s interview with Jordan and Byzantium star Saoirse Ronan.