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New doc explores link between Nazis and… ABBA?

Today's stories that have queer people talking

A new documentary explores the bizarre link between the Nazis and ABBA. Some things are just too horrible for me to joke about. And then there’s the Nazis!

A new poll shows that 75 percent of Americans now support gays in the military (up from only 44 percent in 1993). The remaining 25 percent are still waiting for the last of the heterosexual soldiers to die in Iraq, then they’ll think gays are okay.

It seems that the demand for sassafrass oil — used in the production of ecstacy tablets — is severely depleting the forests of the rare trees in southeast Asia that the oil is drawn from, as well as poisoning the rivers. I found this depressing until I took an E.

A top-ranking UK bishop says the consecration of gay bishop Gene Robinson is just like the war in Iraq. That’s ridiculous — Robinson clearly wants nothing to do with Bush.