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New film looks at importance of LGBT-inclusive schools

Three years ago, the Anoka-Hennepin School District became a major topic of discussion, after it was discovered that from 2009 to 2011, nine of its students committed suicide due to anti-gay bullying. State health officials declared the district a “suicide contagion zone,” and it turned into one of the most high-profile examples of homophobia in schools.

The case has been examined in a brand new documentary, Same Difference. The movie compares the negative atmosphere of Anoka-Hennepin with the situation of Graeme Taylor, a student who was able to be openly gay at school. Needless to say, allowing kids the same opportunities, despite their differences, allows them to thrive.

The nature/nurture argument is brought up a lot when discussing homosexuality. While nature has been the scientifically proven root, it does help to remember that nurturing, and a positive environment, can really go a long way to help kids. When we live in a society that actively encourages the suppression of what is natural, then it stands to reason that the result will be unnatural.