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New gay bar for West End

A group of investors has applied for a liquor licence for a new gay bar in the old Denman Station space at 860 Denman St near Barclay St.

The application is for a yet-to-be named149-seat pub lounge with limited food service and no patio. The hours will be 11 am to 2 am seven days a week.

The investors include Vince Marino and Steve Bauer, co-owners of the PumpJack and Fountainhead pubs and Randy Newburg, who operates the Cruisey T boat cruises.

City licence coordinator Guy Gusdal said at a community meeting in the West End Nov 22 that the location, most recently operated as Club Da Bong, satisfies the city’s liquor service policy.

Nadine Jumelle, who operates a restaurant right next to the proposed new bar, voiced her concerns at the meeting that bar patrons could disrupt her business. “Even in the days when it was Denman Station, we still had many problems down there then,” she said. “There were way worse issues when the place changed hands and became Club Da Bong.”

“I’ll have to come down those steps and go down those stairs right by your business each and every day,” said Marino. “The last thing I want is to not be able to look you in the face.”

The licence application still has to go before city council for approval. It will likely be late January or early February before that happens.