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New Mis Trucos Worth Visiting

On Wednesday night I was invited to Mis Trucos for some cocktails and to sample a few of their new tapas. If you're not familiar with Mis Trucos, it's a "modern mediterranean tapas bar" on Davie Street between Thurlow and Bute. And if you're not familiar with tapas, you need to smarten up, grab a friend and head to Mis Trucos. 

Mis Trucos is in the same space as the former Davie Central Bar and Grill (correct me if I have the old name wrong), which was a place I would walk by without much thought other than: oh cool, there's that upstairs place my ex's horrible she-beast of a best friend took him to for his birthday a couple years ago.

I'm glad Mis Trucos asked me out on Wednesday cause I've been missing out! They even have a hot bartender. Imagine. The menu we sampled focused heavily on seafood tapas, which admittedly isn't typically what I would order while dining out, but I think that's a good thing as I got to try a couple great dishes. Although I didn't grab a photo, the anchovy wrapped olives were my favourite. Here are two others:

Squid stuffed with chorizo

Capa with tomato and anchovy


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