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New Pride members

Four new members were elected to two-year terms in order fill vacancies on the board. Gordon Boissonneault, Douglas Connors, John Gazo and Ian MacLeod all won positions on the board. All had helped out Pride 2005 — Boissonneault was almost solely responsible for organizing the parade, Connors filled an interim board appointment in the months leading up to the festival, Gazo assisted the planning coordinator with the festival site logistics and MacLeod with fundraising and co-ordinating the festival marketplace.

As well as new faces, there have also been changes to the makeup of the executive. Marion Steele has given up the chair, while remaining on the board. She plans to concentrate on lobbying city hall in the year ahead.

Darren Fisher remains as cochair, and Tamara Stammis now takes over as the other cochair. As well, newcomer Boissonneault will be taking the position of treasurer.

Former board member Cecil Turcotte was defeated in running for re-election.

The board is seeking volunteers for committees.