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New queens shake their tailfeathers at Lookout

Wham, glam, thank you ma'am

Credit: (Karen Rodgers photo)

Stars are burning bright on Saturdays at The Lookout. That’s where drag goddesses Edina Starlight and MacKenzie McEntire display their showmanship. Or show-woman-ship.

Performing for five years, Edina has frolicked in the footlights of cities across North America, including the infamous Mado’s in Montreal. She’s using the experience she’s gained to give Ottawa crowds a spectacular Saturday night show.

Composed and confident, she stirs the crowd like a perfect martini before breaking into song and commanding the attention of the crowd.

“I’m trying to bring the big glam and professionalism of Vegas-style shows here,” says Edina. “Drag in Ottawa I find needs a bit more professionalism. I’m not saying the other queens are bad; I just want to bring back a more positive image, which includes more excitement and more variety.”

Co-hostess MacKenzie McEntire is originally from Winnipeg. Her favorite diva is country crooner Reba McEntire.

“Her work means a lot to me,” says MacKenzie. “In her concerts she wants to put her audience through as many emotions as she can and that’s pretty much what I do.”

Edina and MacKenzie frequently have special guests from out of town to keep the show exhilarant and eye-popping. While the local scene is small, says Edina, that’s no reason why a new girl can’t get out there and be noticed.

“There are lots of opportunities here but there’s no place to be discovered. That’s why I like to give the opportunity to new queens, a chance to come out; everybody has to start out somewhere. I was thankful for the opportunities given to me, so I like to do the same for new queens.”

From Vegas to vivacious, these girls want to show Ottawa something new, however explosive the show may be.

“If you want to see a Vegas-style show come to Lookout, we’ve got the feathers, we’ve got the gowns and we’ve got the freaking huge boots,” MacKenzie says with a laugh.

“We want to bring you more feathers. We love feathers. It’s like Vegas blew up in here.”