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New York: Gay journalist recovering from brain surgery after attack

Police are investigating incident as possible hate crime

An attack on gay journalist Randy Gener in New York is being investigated as a possible hate crime. Credit:

New York gay journalist Randy Gener is recovering from brain surgery in hospital after he was punched in the face, an attack police are investigating as possibly related to his sexual orientation, the Associated Press reports. 

Gener was walking home from a party on Jan 17 when he was punched and suffered a massive brain injury.

Gener’s family says that he is able to speak but that he remembers very little about the attack. "He can't answer the questions of what happened that night, he doesn't really exactly know who we are or where he's at sometimes," his sister told the New York Daily News.

Gener is a gay media expert who writes for the New York Daily News, The New York Times and The Village Voice.