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New Zealand’s natural beauty

Diverse, dramatic landscapes and gay-friendly hotels await exploration

New Zealand’s North Island is marked by lush greenery and rolling hills. The Bay of Islands near Kerikeri (pronounced Kitty Kitty by the locals) sports a particularly attractive and variegated coastline, creating an abundance of sheltered beaches and coves.

New Zealand is like a mini Canada, packing a tremendous array of geographical wonders into an area the size of our Atlantic provinces. The sparsely populated country is particularly suited to nature lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Sailing, swimming and surfing are popular on the smaller, warmer North Island, while hiking and skiing rule the mountainous South Island.

Queenstown, which hosts its 7th annual gay ski week the first week of September, is the country’s adventure sports centre: Glacier trekking, waterfall rapelling, rock climbing and bungie jumping excursions originate here. Even the most rough-and-tumble New Zealanders are exceptionally jovial and gay-friendly.

Enjoy our photo gallery of New Zealand, above. Photos and commentary by David Walberg, publisher and editor at large.