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Newcomer optimistic

The “other gay candidate” in the Ward 27 race is quick to make clear his motivations.

“It is not because I hate Kyle Rae,” says 25-year-old Michael Demone. “It’s not an anti-Kyle Rae campaign at all.”

That said, he questions what Rae’s priorities have been while in office. “I’m really concerned about our ward… in the increase of homelessness and poverty. I don’t see initiative. I don’t see innovation. I see a lot of condos.”

A political science student at the University Of Toronto, Demone is hoping to take the theory he’s learned in school and apply it towards the betterment of the city. His platform includes increased citizen involvement, term limits for councillors and senior city officials and an independent ethics commissioner. He’d also like to see the municipal government thinking bigger.

“City Hall needs to grow up. We’re operating with a small town mentality but we’re a city region. Global trade isn’t even in the city’s vocabulary right now.”

Is he an idealist?

“Keeping in touch with your constituents isn’t idealism. Incorporating them into decision making isn’t idealism. It’s a totally achievable goal. A government which functions without corruption should not be idealism.”

Demone says he’s feeling optimistic about his chances against incumbent Rae and fellow candidate drag queen Enza “Supermodel” Anderson. “I don’t have Enza’s legs and I don’t have Rae’s developer friends, but I have a vision.”