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Next Door Entertainment has ridiculously gorgeous guys

Family of seven sites has a mix of gay and gay-for-pay

Next Door Entertainment's Cody Cummings Credit:

Next Door Entertainment is what I would call a professional amateur company. Most of the models on its sites are impossibly gorgeous, a good mix of gay and gay-for-pay, and the quality of the filming and the user experience are top-notch. The content started to be shot in HD at some point last year, and everything on the site is downloadable. The best part is that you get memberships to seven sites for the price of one. And all the sites in the Next Door family are designed identically, with the same quality and navigation.

The spinoffs include personality-oriented sites. features a self-described computer nerd with a well-cared-for body who became a pornstar. He has a massive, curved, uncut cock, and when you read his blog, you can tell he’s a genuine pervert who gets off on what he’s doing. stars a straight guy who lets guys suck his cock from time to time. The site includes a smattering of bisexual scenes, where girls are involved, but the filming is clearly aimed at the gay audience. Huge-dicked Toronto model Jonny T appears in two scenes with Cody — definitely worth watching. is another personality site starring an all-American looking guy (who I got to meet last year when he performed at Goodhandy’s). He’s a career-oriented pornstar, who says he loves sex and is equally into guys and girls. His site consists mostly of gay scenes, with occasional visits from women. He recently started bottoming on film, which is kind of fun. He is very earnest and sincere, always interviewing his models and giving a good verbal narration of what the scene is going to be about. contains a ton of hardcore duos and group scenes. It’s the site that is most heavily marketed, and it leads to all of the other sites. Its sister site,, is just solos — again, all ridiculously gorgeous guys.

Then there’s, which is actually straight sex, but again, it’s clearly shot and produced for the gay audience. It allows the fans to see their favourite gay-for-pay performers in their “native” environment. For connoisseurs of straight models, the site is crucial — if we get to see them enthusiastically fucking a girl, it helps with the fantasy when we watch their gay scenes.

Finally, there’s one more reason to think about this suite of porn sites. Gay online blogs are all abuzz because 68-year-old Calvin Klein’s “boyfriend,” Nick Gruber (a 20-year-old underwear model who has been Klein’s arm candy at various events but has not been confirmed or denied as his boyfriend), has another persona — he went by the name Aaron Skyline in a series of porn videos.

The Next Door family is where Aaron did his best work. I don’t really care about Calvin Klein’s boyfriend — though his duo scene with Mason Wyler got me off — but it was a good excuse to spend $3 on a three-day trial. I could never rape all seven sites in three days, but I will be able to download a good chunk of stuff for my permanent collection.