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NFL team to prospective players: ‘Do you like girls?’

In the past year, pro-gay NFL players like Brendon Ayanbadejo and Chris Kluwe have become prominent internet darlings, while others . . . didn’t. Hell, the San Francisco 49ers ended up in a PR nightmare after pulling their It Gets Better video right before the Super Bowl, which (ironically) they lost to Ayanbadejo’s team. Every once in a while, karma gets one right.

Even though public opinion outside of and within the NFL is moving toward pro-equality, there will always be a few bigoted holdouts, still hanging on to dumb ideas out of habit. Kinda like a certain unnamed NFL team asking prospective players whether or not they liked girls.

“They ask you like, ‘Do you have a girlfriend?’  Are you married?’  Do you like girls?’” Kasa told ESPN Radio Denver on Tuesday. “Those kinds of things, and you know it was just kind of weird. But they would ask you with a straight face, and it’s a pretty weird experience altogether.” [SOURCE]

Not only is asking prospective hires about their sexuality morally wrong, it also happens to be legally wrong. The problem is that, from a purely legal prospective, an interviewer can allude to sexual orientation, which would explain why the question was phrased as the vaguer, more platonic “Do you like girls?” rather than them coming right out and asking, “Are you gay?” It’s an uncomfortable legal grey area, to say the least.

Well, the good news is that the tide is still pushing toward pro-equality, as exemplified by rappers Macklemore and Ryan Lewis doing a video for the You Can Play project, calling out anti-gay language in sports. While we’re still not where we need to be when it comes to equality in sports, at least we’re getting somewhere. 

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