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Nick Frost enjoys being a gay icon with the bears

British actor hopes to appear as a bear magazine cover model

Nick Frost says he gets tweets from big men describing his hotness. TeamCoco

British Actor Nick Frost loves being a gay icon. The burly, bearded Frost recently explained to Conan O'Brien that he's big with the gay bear community.

"It's a niche market, but I think if I can't attract the 25- to 35-year-old women, I'll take the 40-plus big, giant hairy men," Frost joked. 

Frost says he receives a lot of tweets from big, hairy guys saying, "Oh my god, you're so hot." That made him realize that he wants to be a cover model for a bear magazine.  

"I'd love to pose on the cover of All American Bear. I think that'd be great," Frost said, noting that he already had his outfit for the cover shoot in mind.

"It's essentially white chaps and a kind of white cowboy vest and a tiny little cowboy hat."