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Nikolai Alexeyev’s Moscow apartment reportedly raided

Reuters: Authorities say ‘investigation’ follows complaint lodged by unidentified member of parliament

Gay Russian activist Nikolai Alexeyev. Credit:

A Reuters video report says authorities raided gay rights activist Nikolai Alexeyev’s Moscow apartment and removed electronic equipment.

Reuters says it received confirmation of the raid from authorities who say a complaint was lodged by an unidentified member of parliament who opposes gay rights.

In the report, a number of men are seen leaving the apartment, some attempting to cover their faces before reporters enter at Alexeyev’s invitation.

“Do you think that all this is legal?” Alexeyev asks on camera as he points out the ransacking of various rooms in the apartment. “What if they now start raiding flats every day, for instance? And who will now clean all this?

The raid follows another on St Petersburg’s Museum of Authority, where authorities seized a number of works, including a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in lingerie.

Konstantin Altunin, the artist responsible for the work that was part of an exhibit entitled The Rulers, is said to be seeking asylum in France, Pink News reports.

Police said the exhibition violated certain unspecified laws.