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Nina Arsenault’s apocalyptic pin-up calendar

'I will not be erased,' Toronto artist says

Nina Arsenault.

Nina Arsenault’s 2013 calendar, Whore of Babalon, isn’t for everyone. And that’s exactly how she wants it.

“There is also this whole other part of the community that are ignored because of ageism,” she says. “We’re [middle-aged] and older, and we have a right to express our sexualities . . . the Whore of Babalon calendar [is] not for 18-year-old faggots.
“I will not be erased. I will not erase my sexuality or my artistic output because it’s not serving someone in high school who is having trouble coming out in his Catholic school.”
The calendar is a collection of graphic images of Arsenault done by photographers and pornographers such as Bruce LaBruce, Istvan Kantor, Jordan Tannahill, Drasko Bogdanovic and Peter Tamlin.
On Arsenault’s website the calendar is described as “the apocalyptic erotic landscape of a woman who has given herself to a thousand men, a thousand more, and then a thousand times a thousand.”
The calendar, available online for about $70, can be shipped in three to five business days.
Below is an interview with Arsenault. Watch it to find out why she will not be erased. 

Nina Arsenault, Whore of Babalon calendar 2013, from Xtra on Vimeo.