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Nirvana Savoury & sweet

Toronto singer emerges as a solo star

Nirvana Savoury seems to be at the top of her game — but it has not been an easy climb.

The multitalented singer, songwriter and dancer has overcome a difficult past, including the painful loss of her brother to a rare disease at the age of 23.

“My best moments are waking up in the morning and living another day, the ups and downs, the lessons, creative expression, knowledge and opportunities,” she says.

That attitude has also helped her through the challenge of breaking away from a Canadian girl group, X-Quisite, and striking out on her own. Savoury’s debut single, “Lipstick Lover,” was released in May.

Born and raised in Toronto, and from a Chinese-Jamaican heritage, Savoury has always had music and performance running through her veins.

“I’ve been singing and dancing since I can remember. My father was a reggae artist in the UK, and my mother is a trained dancer, so I grew up performing and loving the stage.”

She lists a diverse and eclectic range of musical influences: Crystal Waters, Twisted Sister, Prince, Blondie, Faith Evans, KRS-One and the Pointer Sisters.

There is no doubt that the remarkable 20-something is a star on the rise, and she’s aware of the importance of carefully fine-tuning her music and image to strike a chord internationally.

The gigs are piling up. Over Pride Weekend, she’ll be at the Prism Festival and on the Shaun Proulx float. She presented at the Out Awards and performed at this year’s Pride in New York City. She has won Best New Artist at the Canadian Radio Awards and appeared as a special guest on the Tyra Banks Show.

Savoury recently came to terms with her attraction to women. While she says she has no interest in labelling herself, she sees herself as a free spirit who is open to the experience of finding love.

“My single, ‘Lipstick Lover,’ pretty much tells the story of how I feel. I love using my music as a vehicle to share my experiences.”

After the passing of her brother, Savoury was devastated. In fact, it was this heart-rending event that helped her to become comfortable with herself and come to terms with her sexuality.

“Being a free spirit has helped me overcome boundaries and traditions that I never cared to conform to.”