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NKOTB Jonathan Knight talks Tiffany outing him

When ‘80s teen queen Tiffany was on Watch What Happens Live back in 2011, host Andy Cohen asked her about her romance with Jonathan Knight of New Kids on the Block. Tiffany admitted they dated — until Jonathan realized he’s gay.

Now Jonathan is talking to Gay Times about what it feels like to be outed by both Tiffany and blogger Perez Hilton:

”I felt stupid having to make a public statement. Even when the band got back together in 2008, New Kids fans knew I was gay. Everyone did. Perez tried to out me many times and I hate that guy for doing that. I was already gay and living a gay lifestyle but he wanted me to talk about it. Why? My brother and the rest of the guys don’t go on interviews saying ‘I’m straight’ etc. so why do I need to just because I’m gay? People like him want me to talk about it to make themselves feel better. They think ‘I’m gay so I want to make sure everybody knows I’m not the only one out there.’ I hate that.”

Some think that outing is important because it gives the gay community exposure and makes famous gay people more accessible, increasing acceptance. But what good is it to drag someone out of the closet kicking and screaming? The exposure and accessibility is only benefiting the gay rights movement if stars walk out of the closet proudly, without shame or humiliation.

The only question is, are you tough enough?