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No habla espanol

Hola! It's morning in Barcelona.  What the hell am I doing in an internet cafe when I could be out in the sunshine?  Oh yeah, gay news…

The New York Times' Frank Rich reveals the upside of the economic freefall — it's keeping right-wing homophobes quiet for a while.

A Globe letter to the editor insists that Israel can't be criticized for its military actions because it loves the gays.  Umm, hey pally, keep me out of this!  Besides, by that logic, my subscription to an Amnesty International newsletter means that I can now do anything I want — woo hoo!

Throughout our family vacation to Europe, the hotel TVs have been tuned to BBC World News. My mom exclaimed, "I learned more in half an hour than I ever do on CNN!"  Sad but true, mom.  I enjoyed their footage of Swedish golfer Henrik Stenson´s impromptu strip show on the green but, at this computer, I can't repost pictures.

Well, screw that — it's off for breakfast in the city Freddie Mercury loved: