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No justice for Larry Fobes King

Photo: Brandon McInerney

A California judge has declared a mistrial after the jury in the case against Brandon McInerney, for the alleged murder of Larry Fobes King, was unable to reach a verdict. This is so sad. So ridiculous. And so shameful of the American judicial system.

Larry, an openly gay 15-year-old, was shot point blank in the head twice in his school computer lab, with a teacher and two dozen other students as witnesses. A mistrial? Astonishing.

In previous posts I have expressed my feelings that Brandon should have the opportunity to redeem himself in life, because I believe in second chances, but it’s obvious to me (as it should be to everyone) that his punishment for his alleged involvement in this crime should be a lengthy prison sentence. I hate writing “alleged” since there really is no question of who pulled that trigger and killed an innocent boy. Where is the justice? The court is being too lenient. The trial took place in Chatsworth, a neighbouring Los Angeles county, instead of the county where the crime was committed, as requested by the defendant’s lawyers. Why is the court system doing Brandon any favours? Why is manslaughter even an option for the jury? Since Brandon allegedly told Larry’s friends to “say goodbye to your friend, you’re never going to see him again” and then allegedly brought a gun to school and allegedly shot him until he DIED, you’d think it’s pretty clearly first-degree premeditated MURDER. 

Pray for justice for Larry. If there isn’t, what does that mean for the rest of us? What does it mean for the next boy daring enough to express his sexuality? How many more “alleged” fucking bullets is it going to take for the world to wake up?