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No leads on Robertson’s killer

Vancouver homicide detectives are appealing for the public’s assistance in the October beating death of Tony Robertson.

The gay man was beaten to death on Main St, two blocks off Hastings, after he left the Dufferin early on the morning of Oct 8. He was last seen alive leaving the hotel pub at around 2 am. He was heard saying he was going to take transit home.

“We’re still looking for information, we’re still investigating,” says Det Mark Bragagnolo. “We’d certainly like the public’s assistance.”

Police still maintain they don’t believe the incident was a gaybashing. “This is just looking like a random attack on a guy walking down the street,” Bragagnolo says.

Robbery has been ruled out as a motive.

Police were called to 617 Main St after receiving a call of a disturbance. They found Robertson at about 3 am. He was removed from life support later that day and died just after 5 pm on Sat Oct 8.

Robertson was only blocks from the Strathcona home he shared with David Reed, his partner of 22 years, when the assault happened.

Police believe two men watched as another, heavy-set man with a crew cut in his early 20s assaulted Robertson. “We’re still looking for information regarding that group of guys,” the detective says.

There is a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of those involved. Robertson was 51 years old.

To reach Det Mark Bragagnolo call 604.717.2500.