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‘No reason to believe’ West End stabbing motivated by hate: police

Seven injured, six sent to hospital after attack

Detective Constable Cheryl Leggett, of the Vancouver police hate-crimes unit, says there’s “no reason to believe” that a Jan 31 stabbing incident at a West End apartment building was motivated by hate.

Seven people injured in the early evening attack were found in different areas inside a seven-floor apartment building located in the 1200 block of Barclay Street.

Six of the seven were sent to hospital with undetermined injuries. Two of the injured have been released, while four remain hospitalized, with one person in critical condition, according to a police statement.

Initial reports indicated that at least two people were stabbed in the throat and two more in the chest. According to The Province, about three residents also reported seeing a man running through the building with a hammer.

A suspect was later taken into custody near the apartment building.

One man at the scene, who requested anonymity, told Xtra he doesn’t believe the attack was motivated by homophobia “whatsoever.”

He says he saw the suspect, who is reportedly in his 30s, being restrained and put into the back of a police van.

Police media relations officer Randy Fincham told reporters that the attack seemed to be random and that those injured did not appear to be related to one another.

Police are continuing their investigation.