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Non-binary documents, Azerbaijan and consent culture

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California to allow non-binary gender on official documents

California Governor Jerry Brown signed a law Sunday that will allow people to identify themselves as gender neutral on driver’s licences. The law also makes it easier for people to change their official gender on documents. [KTLA]

Azerbaijan crackdown has roots in political struggles

The sudden spate of arrests and persecution of gay people in Azerbaijan has roots in political struggles between the Azerbaijani government and the West, reports the Washington Post. The Azerbaijani government has cracked down on LGBT people as a way of striking back at political pressure from Europe and the United States.

The regressive executive

In a speech to an anti-LGBT conservative group, US President Donald Trump said that when it comes to religiosity in America, “the times are changing back again.” Meanwhile, the New Yorker reports that Trump once joked that his vice-president wants to hang gay people.

Australia’s plebiscite is likely won

Despite Australian conservatives’ calculations that a postal plebiscite would fly over the heads of young progressive voters, writes journalist Crispin Hull, same-sex marriage seems to have prevailed. But can Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull turn his image around and lead the country to equal marriage?

Do gay bars have a consent problem?

In the wake of reporting on sexual assaults by movie producer Harvey Weinstein, Marc Ambinder at USA Today says the same problems can be found in gay bars across the country.