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Not quite enough

What can one do about protest shrinkage?  Xtra West reported this weekend on the Vancouver rallies on behalf of 62-year-old gaybashing victim Ritchie Dowrey, describing how "More than 2,000 gay men, lesbians and their allies took back Vancouver's West End."

But you wouldn't know it from reading the mainstream press: CTV declared that merely "hundreds of people" rallied (against an "alleged" gaybashing, no less), while the Vancouver Sun boldly pegged it at 800 and, my personal favourite, News 1130 lamely claimed, "Many people gathered in the West End Sunday afternoon."  I think they missed the protest and witnessed brunch.

Madonna was shown no Mercy (man, those headlines just write themselves!) as a Lilongwe high court judge ruled that allowing her to adopt a second Malawian orphan "could actually facilitate trafficking of children." Who knew Malawian orphans were a gateway drug?

Alaskan trash-hottie Levi Johnston appears on Tyra Banks' show today to explain why he's no longer with his baby's mother and how they had safe sex "most of the time." All of this, of course, is simply a Republican plot to make Sarah Palin look smarter.

Oh Seth Rogan, you know we love you — fat, skinny, whatever — but this SNL bit was just annoying: (Video no longer available)


"Queer as Folk" creator Russell T. Davies explains in an interview why Boyzone singer Stephen Gately said, "Feel my arse."  I'm lacing up my ice skates right now!

But of course the real groundbreaker this weekend was that Iowa Supreme Court gay marriage decision: "The Daily Beast" thinks it's the tipping point while the real fun is watching right-wingers try to wrap their heads around it.

Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert continues the ludicrous meme (utterly shot down here — thanks, Anonymous Liberal!) that hate crime laws will mean the eventual oppression of Christians:

"A large part of this is that many people do not understand the Christian heart. They just don't like people who disagree with them. The true Christian heart can disagree with people, and still love them deeply."

That is indeed true, Mr. Gohmert, but don't underestimate the gay heart — we can disagree with people and still make love with them deeply!