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Not worth their time

According to Statistics Canada, more than half the people who didn’t vote in the last election didn’t bother because they were either a) disinterested, or b) “too busy.” And it’s not just youth who are disinterested; the levels are pretty much the same until you hit the over-55 cohort. But hey, it’s not like the ultimate exercise in political accountability is worth our time or attention. It’s okay – Harper is perfectly content for you to be “busy” or disinterested, so long as he mobilizes his own base. This is why we can’t have nice things, Canada.

What’s that? Decriminalizing drug use, treating addiction and practising harm reduction has actually worked to reduce the problem of drug addiction in Portugal by about half? You don’t say. And what’s that? Canada wants to do just the opposite? Good luck with that.

Some 19 new Quebec NDP MPs still don’t have constituency offices. And this reliance on the central party office continues to prove its efficacy.

A dozen federal departments, including Parks Canada, look like they’re set to increase user fees, despite the constant mixed messaging from this government on the subject. Because we have to pay for those tax cuts somehow…

We have officially handed over our combat role in Kandahar.

Maclean’s' John Geddes looks at some numbers, and it seems like Harper is spending less on the military proportionally than Chrétien did during the so-called “Decade of Darkness.” Not that this will change anyone’s narrative about how great Harper has been for the military.

In case you missed it, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi will be the city’s Pride parade grand marshal, the first for a mayor there.

And William and Kate were in Yellowknife yesterday, where William played a bit of pick-up hockey with some kids. The future king of Canada with a hockey stick? I think this qualifies him for public office immediately, right?
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