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Notes on doing it yrself

I started a knitting club. Last night, a bunch of us ladies got togedder to stitch n bitch. (Boys were allowed but none came.) It was soothing. Those who know me know that I'm not an organizer of things. And I think maybe I hate knitting. But guys, I did it… I decided to rise above that idea that my club might not work. I wanted a knitting club with 20-30 yr olds with similiar interests, so I FUCKING DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT. So anyway. Reminds me of someone else who fucking went for it. I like her. She's hosted the Meow Mixes in the past and is well known in the lesbian/queer Montreal scene. She also made an igloo out of speakers.


Alexis O'Hara's Ellipsis CD Launch is tonight. Check hir out!

Listen to an interview with John Custodio from Queer Corps on CKUT 90.3 FM.

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